Freitag, 12. Juni 2015

The Times of da Vinci and Tesla are not in the Past

Alexander Cherkasky was named "The Second Einstein" in Germany.
How lives "The Second Einstein" today?

Leonardo da Vinci and Nikola Tesla saw their inventions, their problem solutions in their minds and then these imaginations, which are inventor's visions were materialized as today's reality. We use and are moved to a more comfortable future with products which were created at first as spiritual visions in heads of inventors, who like prophets make descriptions of future and their prophecies are fulfilled.
All begins with a theory, from computer science and internet and film industry to biological problem solutions, but the grades of recognitions vary. We know inventors such da Vinci and Tesla, we know theoretical physicists such as Albert Einstein, mathematicians such as Gregori Perelman, creative entrepreneurs such Google's Founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, but who knows a theoretical biologist and inventor in biology, who has made a broad range of inventions as solutions against various diseases?
Usually, we think and do not give an answer to that question. The Nobel Laureate Kary Mullis, inventor of biotechnology's basic method for amplification of nucleic acid sequences PCR or Polymerase Chain Reaction, saw his invention, as stated in David Clark's book "Molecular Biology. Understanding the Genetic Revolution" (first edition 2006, Elsevier) in a vision. "Mullis recalls seeing the PCR as clear as if it were up on a blackboard in his head. In lurid and blue. He pulled over and started scribbling". He invented one very important method.
Especially the modern history shows, that few persons created thoudands and thousands of products, capital and new jobs. Only two US patents of Stanley Cohen and Herbert Boyer served as basis for creation of hundreds of biotechnology companies.
By comparing various stories and totalities of facts, by searches in patent literature data banks one name emerges as theoretical biologist and inventor in biology, who deserves to be highlighted and considered as outstanding broad-range inventor in biology and theoretical biologist - Alexander Cherkasky. Without a lab, by way of creative theoretical analysis, he created a number of technologies and products, which were then realized and recognized as well as used both with and without mentioning Cherkasky's name and according patent document numbers. He developed also concepts for making processes of realizations of inventions broad and more efficient.
He was born in a former Soviet Union, in Ukraine in 1981, immigrated to Germany in 1996 and started to protect his inventions as theoretical problem solutions by filing patent applications within the German Patent and Trademark Office in 1998. In that year Cherkasky was a student at Goethe-Gymnasium in Dusseldorf and filed his invention of every possible modified oncolytic or cancer cell destroying viruses equiped with antibodies or receptors for targeting cancer cells.
Alexander Cherkasky made series of inventions against cancer (including different fusion protein cures and oncolytic viruses), against viral diseases such as AIDS and Ebola, autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis by which immune system attacks own tissue, inventions against asthma, use of modified bacteriophages against multiresistant bacteria, inventions of fast multiparallel diagnostic systems, genome sequencing systems, lubricants, light and solid materials based on chemically modified biomasses, for example for uses in vehicles and batteries, new high-quality like-natural synthetic diamonds and diamond-like materials, as well as inventions for tissue regeneration and for rejuvenation. He calls his series of inventions programs, anti-cancer, anti-viral, anti-autoimmune, anti-inflammation and regeneration programs.
In 1998 he proposed his anticancer inventions to the German Cancer Research Center (Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum, DKFZ) and got denial. Ruth Herzog from DKFZ wrote in her denial from May 1998, that DKFZ does not make products and cannot support by realization.
An interesting parallel: Sergey Brin, also born in a former Soviet Union, started Google with Larry Page in 1998.
Cherkasky's inventions are not only easy, they are easy to describe and to understand. His two anti-viral inventions comprise genetically modified cells able to attract and destroy viruses, i.e. specific cell traps in order to combat viruses such as HIV or Ebola in blood, outside of cells, which can be infected as well as so called specific fusion protein-nucleic acid complexes in order to combat viruses in already infected cells or to protect cells from infection.
Cherkasky presented his theoretical inventions for targeted cleavage of disease-associated proteins in order to treat causally autoimmune diseases, much as multiple sclerosis, by cleaving specific auto-antibodies attacking nerve tissue and to treat Alzheimer's disease by cleaving beta-Amyloid-plaques as well as his anti-cancer invention of new target-specific fusion proteins at scientific youth competition in Germany "Jugend forscht" or "Youth researches" in the years 1999 and 2000. These competitions took place in Dusseldorf and Leverkusen, in North Rhein Westfalia and were curated by Bayer, who suppressed instead of support the inventor and inventions proposed by Cherkasky.
Cherkasky got advice "at first" to finish high school/Gymnasium, to study and to finish university. It was not explained what a connection has the status of student with the commercialization, i.e. making available to patients inventions of Cherkasky, patients need. Only this case of cynism shows how valuable patients for Bayer are.
Cherkasky's presented inventions evoked interest of media in Germany and Stern (The Star), who named Cherkasky's invention revolution, Westdeutsche Zeitung (Westgerman Newspaper), who named him "The Genius" and "The Second Einstein", Neue Rhein Zeitung (New Rhein Newspaper), Bild der Wissenschaft (Picture of Science) wrote about him and his inventions. For his inventions of anti-cancer fusion proteins, Cherkasky got the bronze medal "for outstanding achievements" and the honorary certificate on the largest in Germany international inventors competition "Ideas-Inventions-New Products" (IENA, Ideen-Erfindungen-Neuheiten) 2003 in Nuremberg. He got a number of German patents, finished Heinrich-Heine-University of Dusseldorf, got his Master's degree in biology, filed US patent applications, and wanted to make PhD in theoretical biology, but learned a paradoxical obstacle. Nowhere it was possible to make a PhD in theoretical biology and from persons to whom Cherkasky adressed his letters, Ute Deichmann from the University of Cologne (Universitaet zu Koeln), who worked on history of biology, at first proposed to be supervisor and Cherkasky made a first PhD work, but than she stated without any explanation, that Cherkasky's PhD work, independently from content, will be declined by the faculty. The University of Cologne proposed to Cherkasky to make a second PhD work, which he has made with preliminary concordance with the academic director Dr. Matthias Cramer. Cherkasky's PhD thesis treated the feasibility of his own selected inventions as well as personalized fusion proteins against cancer. Theoretically, every person carries genetic information for person-specific anti-cancer fusion protein production, i.e. cure production for this person and thus every person, cooperating with a biotech lab, is a part of a biopharmaceutical company producing already approved protein cures, like generic drugs or biosimilars for this person, but the resulting patient-specific therapeutics, i.e. cures made based on the genetic information of a person, will have patient-specific or patient-near molecular structures. I.e. not a company, but a person lets produce the cure for a person.
Thus prices for cure producing and for healing can be reduced not only by way decentralization, i.e. by making the cure production through patient-biotech-lab-alliances and networks independent from pharmaceutical companies, but also by using Cherkasky's invention for increasing of productivity of expression systems or cell cultures for large-scale manufacturing of biopharmaceutical products.
The University of Cologne declined a PhD promotion, as stated earlier, but the key obviously absurd "general" statement of them (personally professors Thomas Langer, Sigrun Korsching, ex-dean Karl Schneider and other members of the faculty of natural sciences) was, that inventions as solutions of scientific problems are not scientific. It means, that for example the invention of PCR of Kary Mullis should be also considered as non-scientific.
Paradoxingly, Ute Deichmann, author of "Biologen unter Hitler" (the book has the ISBN 3-596-12597-9, was published on 1995, Biologists under Hitler) got her PhD degree from the University of Cologne for the statements, that the expelling Jews from science "did not influenced science significantly", that National Socialism was an "experiment", that National Socialism lasted "too short" and "not long enough".
These statements about National Socialism can be found on the pages 223 and 369 of Deichmann's book.
The historic period 1939-1945 must be researched as the historic period, as totality of historic catastrophic facts and in addition to that it can be stated, that if National Socialism would last more than it lasted, it would cause more catastrophic destructions than it caused.
Deichmann wrote also, that Himmler positively influenced biological research in Nazi Germany in order to prepare skilled manpower for "colonization" of Germany's "colonies" (in the original text of Deichmann's book (page 116) quotation marks fail) Poland, Ukraine (Polish and Ukrainian Galicia), Russia (the largest and most important "colony"), France, Netherlands and Belgium.
Cherkasky learned Deichmann's book after being expelled from the University of Cologne. After finishing the University of Dusseldorf Cherkasky sent over letters and also letter to Ute Deichmann, because he has read in internet about Deichmann, that she worked on history of biology and teached and researched not only in Germany, but also in Israel and the United Kingdom.
Moreover, the University of Cologne denied to deprive this obviously xenophobic and pseudoscientific PhD degree from Deichmann. Tim Kohl, in name of the rector of the University of Cologne Axel Freimuth, did not see "enough suspicion for false scientitic behavior" of Deichmann. The decisions of the University of Cologne in case Cherkasky and in case Deichmann were approved by the administrative courts of Cologne (Verwaltungsgericht Koeln) and of North Rhein Westfalia as well as by the Ministry of Science of North Rhein Westfalia and by the commissions of the parliaments of North Rhein Westfalia (Landtag NRW) and Germany (Bundestag). Thus "The Second Einstein" Alexander Cherkasky was expelled from a German university such as "The First Einstein" Albert Einstein was.
After expelling Cherkasky from the University of Cologne, University of Cologne plagiaristically develops personalized anti-cancer therapies as stated in Rheinische Post (Rhein Post) from Whitsun (May 24, 2015), although these therapies, according to the "statements of the University of Cologne in case of Cherkasky's PhD promotion in Cologne are "non-scientific." This reminds a historic parallel, such expropriation of property "Arization" and "Neo-Arization", because a machine with Neo-Nazi ideology works in "modern" Germany for concealing, destroying, expropriation and using values Alexander Cherkasky created and creates and numerous people in the whole world need.
By searches in internet, in data banks of patent literature Cherkasky found, that his patents on one side were referenced by American, Spanish (WO 2012/055985 and EP 2447277 "Vaccine compositions based on modified gp 41 immunogens" of Laboratorios del Dr. Esteve in Barcelona and Fundacio Privada Institut de Recerca de la Sida-Caixa referenced Cherkasky's international patent publication WO 2006/136892 "Novel Cherkasky fusion proteins containing antibody-binding proteins or the regions thereof") and other firms and scientific groups and on the other side, his inventions are broadly plagiaristically used without mentioning his name and patent document numbers.
The German Cancer Research Center DKFZ, mentioned earlier, who denied support to Cherkasky, founded a spin - off company Apogenix for making anti-cancer fusion proteins Cherkasky described earlier in his published patent documents. Apogenix gathered 58,5 million euro investment capital and from this amount, 5 million euro gift from the German Ministry of Research (BMBF, Bundesministerium fuer Bildung und Forschung), whereby BMBF presented the according Cherkasky's inventions on BMBF's internet as proud of biotechnology in Germany. BMBF is proud to present Cherkasky's inventions, but gives money to a plagiarist company, not to Cherkasky, in order to commercialize Cherkasky's inventions.
Bayer, who declined support to Cherkasky during and after his participations on the competition "Youth researches" in 1999 and 2000, payed to Micromet, formerly listed on NASDAQ as MITI and which is now part of Amgen, 300 million euro for the development of the anti-cancer fusion proteins Cherkasky presented on the observed and curated by Bayer competition "Youth researches" in 2000. The journalistic investigation of plagiarism of Apogenix and Micromet was described in the article from March 26, 2013 in NRZ (Neue Rhein Zeitung, New Rhein Newspaper) Dusseldorf.
Also companies outside of Germany used the situation, that Cherkasky is not supported in Germany.
The Israeli company Storedot claimed the technology of using biomolecules for improving properties of batteries and displays, and of other devices and materials of devices, technology Cherkasky described earlier, i.e. has well-documented priority evidence, as their own. This statement can be found on the website of Storedot. But in the correspondence between Cherkasky and Storedot, Storedot did not made the statement, that this claimed technology is ownership and priority of Storedot. Cherkasky demonstrated, that "Storedot's" presented technology is not new and not inventive because of Cherkasky's prior patent document publication US20090070900 "Novel Cherkasky materials and novel use of biomolecules and biomasses." On Cherkasky's blog with the link which was published as comment to the article in Wall Street Journal about Storedot, Cherkasky published not only the correspondence with Storedot, but also a system of evidence of Storedot's plagiarism based on listing joint feature points and comparison of priorities, whereby a published patent document such as a published US or any other national patent application is, claims priority worldwide. Storedot gathered over 16 million dollars and from this amount 10 million from Roman Abramowitch.
The technology Alexander Cherkasky disclosed, allows not only creating efficient batteries for example for electrovehicles, but also allows to make both the batteries and vehicles lighter as well as more solid, whereby metal is saved. Verhicles, Cherkasky proposes, have the potential not only to contribute to the improvement of ecology, but also to revolutionize our experience with cars and driving.
Two other Israeli companies Vaxil and Vecoy did not commented Cherkasky's evidence of their plagiarism, although these companies publically ask for money. This evidence was described on Cherkasky's blogs
Also an American company developing gene sequencing technologies ZS Genetics ignored Cherkasky's blog .
In order to improve the general situation of inventors, Cherkasky published some of his discoveries, he made by researching the original text of the Old Testament, especially of the Torah. Cherkasky discovered, that the Venetian Patent Law of 1474, on which today's patent laws and thus the whole economic development and progress are based, has roots in the book Exodus 30; 22-33 and 30; 34-38 because of the identical structure of the law: description of a product, prohibition of copying, i.e. of plagiarism and legal punishment (such as prison or fee) for infringement of prohibition. Thus, not the Venetian Patent Law is the basis for economic growth of the whole civilization, but Torah on which the Venetian Patent Law is based.
In addition, Cherkasky proposed the creation of the Invention Implementation System like the constructing society of ancient Israeli under leadership of Moses, who got descriptions from God and realized them with the group and support of the whole society.
Cherkasky emphasized, that the role of inventors described in Torah Noah, Josef and Moses is distinguished and descendants of Noah, which like their Biblical fathers, can overcome problems of human kind by using described in Bible organizational solutions fathers used.
The story about of Alexander Cherkasky is the story for a nice film, rich on facts concerning everybody independently from status, because we all can need help for healing or rejuvenation.
The paradox is, that millions of people suffer or have been died from diseases such as cancer, multiple sclerosis and AIDS and a single person Alexander Cherkasky, who has revealed how to combat these diseases still in 1999, just still doesn't have giant companies making his published inventions available to needed persons.